Tell Me About LED Lighting

Our collection of energy saving LED lighting is for use professionally and in the home.  Here is some information to help you decide which bulbs are most suitable for your needs.

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Technical Glossary 

Kelvin Defines the colour of the light.
2700K creates a familiar warm tone, perfect for use in the lounge and other relaxing areas.
3000K creates a bright tone perfect for use in the kitchen
Light Angle The thinner the light angle, the narrower the beam of light.
24º is perfect for a more concentrated beam of light.
36º is perfect for a wider distribution of light, covering a larger surface area.
Wattage LED bulbs commonly show 2 wattages. Firstly, what they require to be powered e.g 4 watts.
Secondly, the equivalent wattage (e.g. 35 watts) their output is comparative to versus the original technology e.g. incandescent or halogen.
E27 E27 or Edison screw is a fitting used for incandescent bulbs.
GU10 GU10 is the most widely used fitting for halogen replacement bulbs.
The LED version can replace the halogen simply by swapping the bulbs.
GU5.3 GU5.3 is a fitting traditionally used in bathrooms because of the lower voltage.
GU5.3 require a transformer to operate. N.B. not all LED products are compatible with all transformers. Check our list below for confirmation.
'A' Shape 'A' shape is the look and feel of a traditional incandescent bulb.
Energy saving LED bulbs are much more energy efficient than traditional technologies. They do not require heat to create light and therefore use up to 89% less energy saving you £'s.
Dimmable Dimmable bulbs can be used in conjunction with a dimming switch to create the perfect light setting.
A-Energy rating A rating is the most efficient in lighting.
25,000 hours At 2.7 hours per day, a 25,000 hour bulb will last around 25 years and is ideally suited for home use.
40,000 hours At 2.7 hours per day, a 40,000 hour bulb will last around 40 years and is ideally suited for professional use.